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Girl's Self Protection

We often raise our girls to be quiet and peaceful.  We tell them to be quiet, that's it's not lady-like to be boisterous, loud or to make a scene.   We don't want them to rock-the-boat; we want them to be mediators and peace-makers.


All of that is FINE.

All of that is GOOD.


Until they need to really stand up for themselves or really protect themselves!


Then they must know how to say NO! -- emphatically, loudly, forcefully!  With confidence and respect for themselves.


In order to protect themselves, they often need to use a "Big Big Voice' and make a "Big Big Scene" in order to get some extra adult eyes on the situation when they need help.  We teach them that their personal space is to be honored at all tiimes.  They have a right to be safe inside their personal space, always.


By the time they are in 4th grade (or so) they have lost their "playground" voice and can't normally muster a boisterous, forceable, obnoxiously-loud NO!​  But that is what they need to be able to do.  Use a Big-Big Voice and (sometimes) make a Big-Big Scene!

It's almost like they have forgotten about that inner power, the inner strength, their individual-ness.  Too much peer pressure or uncertainties (all normal for our children while they are growing up) makes them seem shy, unable to stand up for themselves.  It's the very thing they need to know how to do!

They need to know how to de-escalate a situation, talk themselves out or RUN.  And if any or all of that fails, they need some "tools" in their "toolbox" to use in order to disable a person and get to safety.


This is what we teach.  


We watch in amazement as each girl comes into a new level of self-confidence each week... not to be a bully (just the reverse!) but to know that she has the power and tools needed to protect herself if it's ever needed.


The Inner Roar teaches Self Protection for girls ages 5 through 14.

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