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Women's Self Defense

Private Lessons By Appointment Only
Group Size:    Minimum 3, Maximum  6

Each Lesson:  1- Hour duration  (3 Session Commitment) 
 Cost  -    $120 Each Student (total for 3 sessions)

Please use our Contact form to inquire.

Have you ever felt uneasy, uncertain or anxious in a new situation or environment?  Ever felt nervous or a sense of fear when you're out alone? Have you had a "gut" feeling that something is wrong?  Ever had the hair on the back of your neck "stand up"?  Those intuitions are real and should be heeded.


After experiencing circumstances like that, we often wish that we felt more confident or more able to defense ourselves, our family, or our children, if the need arose.


You already know you could get that kind of training in any one of a multitude of martial arts schools nearby, but you just can't see yourself taking the martial arts.  

But do you know that you can learn many different proven Self Defense techniques that are derived from the martial arts, without taking the FULL gamut?  


I am a Kajukenbo (Kempo) practitioner and passionate about teaching Self Defense.  I enjoy working with women who want to know more about defending themselves or simply want to feel more confident when out in their Everyday World. 


Too often we've lost sight of our inner person, the inner power, the one who is confident and knows that you have a right to be safe in your own space.  Come, get back in touch with that part of you!

  • Your confident voice

  • Inner and outer strength

  • Body coordination and balance

  • Awareness training

  • Everyday self defense techniques that anyone can do!

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