Outdoor Archery Lessons Available!
Ages 8 to 88!
Group Sizes:  Minimum: 1        Maximum:  3
Lesson Duration: 
60 mins for 1 person   |   75 Mins for 2 or 3
Cost for your group:       
1 Archer:   $40     |     2 Archers:  $75     |     3 Archers:  $100
** Due to Covid Restrictions, we are not offering lessons at this time... please check back with us soon! ** 

Instructor Linda Awana is a USA Archery Certified Level 1 Archery Coach.​

Archery is one of those sports that is not only FUN (capital F!)... it teaches you a sense of NOW.  I call it mindful present living.  It means learning to live RIGHT NOW and focus on what is before you RIGHT  NOW.    If you think about what happened on the drive here, or what is going to happen tonight after dinner, you will not hit your mark.  To hit the mark, you must master the mechanics AND the mindful focus.


One of the great things about shooting archery is the sense of achievement as you begin to attain the skills and focus necessary to hit the bullseye.  It's very primal.

We can train using a foam-tipped arrow for at-home "safe" shooting or we can learn with a regular target arrow.  The difference is venue.  With a foam-tipped arrow, we can shoot just about anywhere.  Depending on the student's age, we can shoot field tipped arrows at an approved outdoor shooting range.

Work on perfecting your technical skill, learn the mechanics of shooting, information about the equipment used and... best of all, we have fun doing it!  

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