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Sticks & Stones

Weaponry for Balance & Endurance


Have you ever wanted to play with sticks, a staff or maybe even experience swinging nun chucks, just for the fun of it? 


Learning each of these implements is a fun challenge, but also provides many benefits that you might not realize:


  • Attention to detail, including situational awareness, targeting and extended peripheral vision.

  • Increased dexterity and hand-eye coordination

  • Fun

  • Tone your arms, upper body and legs

  • Learn your range beyond your own limbs (this extension of yourself requires a new kind of balance)

  • Improved mental clarity and mental agility

  • Play

  • Focus and targeting

  • Rhythm in movement (one with the weapon)

  • Strength and fluidity, together at last!

  • Excitement


Join us as we explore techniques for conditioning and play using some typical martial arts implements.  Sticks, Bo (Staff), Nun Chucks and Sickles (Kama).


Expect to learn to use your breath and body while you combine movement and weapons, bringing a new awareness of your immediate environment and your body’s place within it.


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