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Class Offerings

Form your private peer group... friends, co-workers, teammates, neighbors, family, club members, etc. and let's have fun together!

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Have fun while improving your focus, eye-hand coordination, balance and aim.  Using intuitive aiming techniques, come to a better consciousness of your body as you mindfully work on perfecting your technical skill.  


Learn the mechanics of shooting, information about the equipment used and be prepared to have fun doing it!  Class will include target shooting, balance drills and learning about the equipment.   Instructor Linda Awana is a USA Certified Level 1 Archery Coach

Archery LESSONS - Outdoor range - Groups of 1 to 2 - Ages 8 through 88!  MORE INFO

Sticks & Stones - Martial Arts Weaponry

Have you ever wanted to play with sticks, a staff or maybe even experience swinging nun chucks, just for the fun of it? 


Learning each of these implements is a fun challenge, but also provides many benefits that you might not realize:  Attention to detail, targeting, increased dexterity, fun! Tone your arms, improved mental clarity and mental agility, strength and fluidity, together at last!


Join us as we explore techniques for conditioning and play using some typical martial arts implements.  Sticks, pocket sticks, Bo (Staff) and Nun Chucks.


Expect to learn to use your breath and body while you combine movement and weapons, bringing a new awareness of your immediate environment and your body’s place within it.

Girl's Self-Protection and Confidence Building


Teaching girls ages 5 through 14 the need to be aware of your surroundings, the power of the voice, how to get "adult" eyes on you if you are in a scary, uncomfortable or uncertain situation with a "stranger". How to identify a "safe stranger" if you need help. Physical fitness and self-defense techniques are taught using the Kajukenbo (Kempo) style.

  • Voice training

  • Confidence Building

  • Awareness Training

  • Learn techniques that anyone can do

Women's Self Defense


Using Kajukenbo (Kempo) techniques to gain a full body workout, including kicks, strikes and blocks in various stances which help you attain optimal balance, endurance and strength. Increase your confidence, understand your strengths and tap into your inner power.  Ages 15 through adult.


  • Awareness

  • Confidence

  • Big-Big Voice

  • Physical Conditioning

  • Balance

  • Endurance

  • Self-Defense techniques than anyone can do

Tension Release Foam Rolling


Therapeutic deep tissue self massage using a foam roller.  Ease sore muscles, improve circulation and blood flow, relieve “knots”, increase flexibility and work both your core and abs! Whether working a desk job or training for a marathon, the benefits are huge.  Relax… and roll it out.

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